Saturday, May 31

blog is closing

just plain text:

dear readers, dear followers,
 i will close this blog as an individual separate blog.
you wont miss any of the posts i made here, they all will be included into my main blog.
as all i am showing on my blog is made by myself,  
styling, illustration photography and ceramics 
 i will use it in the name : made by dietlind wolf.
i am still working on my new and first website ever, 
so change is going slowly but steadily..

thank you for your visits,
hope to see you here
best dietlind

Friday, May 30


ceramics + photos : dietlind wolf

, my new items, the wall dresses, and porcelains in shades of greyish violet rose and dark warm greys, 
shot in barcelona in a  former textile factory, 
now in its second life with artist from all over the world,