Thursday, December 26


concept propstyling photography : dietlind wolf

when i saw the blackboard chalks,the dullness reminds
 me of my colored porcelain pendants ..

Tuesday, May 28


ceramics + photos : dietlind wolf

this is the first of 3 color and material parts of 
my exclusive porcelain and stoneware collection for abc home new york.
( my pure silverspoons came back from the caster )
if someone is next to broadway, i would to see how it looks ...

Friday, April 26

seen in elle deco france

my pastels featured in elle deco france!

photo : nathalie carnet
production: sergio da silva 
assistance : marie

just awesome, thank you!

Thursday, April 25

seen in marie-claire maison

     4 pages with my ceramics awesome!  in marie-claire maison issue may/june2013 , thank you  marion bayle

Saturday, March 16

seen in elle deco uk

    two of my porcelain bowls are displayed in elle deco uk spring issue 
    thank you !!! so great and wonderful

Monday, February 25

les nourriturespart 2

unsharp pics from textures through hands and time
and printed in vivant magazine

Saturday, February 23

nourritures premieres

nourritures premieres 
 trend installation from elisabeth leriche
at maison et objet  01.2013

with a full table of  my
-textures trough hands and time-