Saturday, December 3

palaisXIII pendants

photos : dietlind wolf

the new displays and pendants at palaixXIII
on sunday 4. will be a wonderful artisan market with palais XIII at 
elbgold ( lagerstrasse 34c 20357 hamburg 11-19.00)

Wednesday, November 30

paper print room

photos : dietlind wolf + fabia schubert
here you could  find all about my time drawing, cutting out and printing on different materials 

Saturday, November 26


photos : dietlind wolf

for all who could not come to werkschau ,
i will post the exhibition room for room .
guided by a red line you came 
in the entrance : the books magazines and portfolios including my styling work,
 added by prints on the wall also with own photographed stories.

Friday, November 25

2 drawerful of

photos : dietlind wolf
part of my handmade unique items 

Tuesday, November 15

werkschau pendants

styling + photos : dietlind wolf
a glimpse how the new pendant collection was shown on my werkschau,
the pendents are made all from solid dyed porcelain, 
in a wide range of closely varying shades ,
its always stunningly how different the colours appears in the stadiums from wet, dry and finely fired.

the online shop starting with the pendants will be 
open now !
and next week for poeple around here, they will be available 
 in hamburg exclusively at palais 13

Saturday, October 29


so amazing, being published with my porcelain in schoener wohnen magazine ! 
this is how it began,my aunt asked and invited me regularly to her ceramic atelier,
unfortunaly i had no interest, until 2003 i visited the museum for east asian art in cologne,
they have this adorable collection of sung dynasty porcelains,
the porcelains  in all the light to dark green shades,immediately i feel in love,
this was exactly what i wanted for my styling productions,  
and asked my aunt, if i could start with porcelain instead of i did.
 i had no idea of the material at all, and the disillusion reached me,
when it came to the glaze, i would need an gas kiln, and there was no way to realise it. 
glazing is an art by itself, (christiane perrochon is my queen of glazes.
hers are so thin, like layers of coloured milk)  unreachable.
so i tried out my way with dyed non glazed porcelain, i am a part time ceramist, 
and most of what i create are unique pieces,

photo : dietlind wolf
my celadons with coloured porcelain non glazed.
they are all stamped with my initials the month and the year, and my sign of flow1( made for jewellery)

Sunday, October 2

saturday morning

photos : dietlind wolf
saturday morning roomview. 
 luster  wrapped in paper and antique woven hat ribbons draped with achatbeads perls and shells

Monday, September 26


photo : dietlind wolf
roots and flowers same but different.

Monday, September 19


photos : dietlind wolf
the rural way of knots, for the essentiel goods in the desert, dromedary ,tent and water bottle,
( tunesia sahara november 2007)

Thursday, August 18

one year after

photos : dietlind wolf
dry geranium one year after the shooting
i could not throw away the sheets of laid paper with all this wonderful leaves,

Monday, August 15

botanical bits and pieces

photos : dietlind wolf 

one of my next live jobs will be anthropologist, before then, i will create archaic items of unknown tribes..
 bits and pieces  stoneware 1250° with ironoxide

Saturday, August 6


photo: dietlind wolf

Sunday, July 17

atelier sunday

photos : dietlind wolf
my sunday in atelier , filling molds, preparing a new kiln .the little drawing is from my kindergartentime 1965 ! i still keep them.

Tuesday, May 10

buenos aires treasures

photos : dietlind wolf
my treasures ( including a original pair from christofle de paris)from the fleamarket in san telmo ( buenos aires)

Wednesday, April 27

buenos aires

photo : dietlind wolf
buenos aires 2011 rainday and is a breathtaking city.

Tuesday, March 15

vintage items

dw photos  with items from belgium fleamarket.