Saturday, December 25

greenblue shades

a collection of my porcelains and stoneware plates and bowls i choosed for the lentil production,

Wednesday, October 27


paris 09/2010 dw

Sunday, September 12

tapes and signs

photos : dietlind wolf
this is part of my background styling for the selfmade production in the  brigitte diy extra issue.
i taped the wallpieces  with slim tapes  from modulor/berlin
 the scenes before and after, they have this unexpected self-evidence .

Wednesday, September 1


    this is the  collection of my stoneware and porcelain items,
    i choosed for our production autumnpasta,
    i love to look at them even without food...
    the coloured porcelains are not glazed, only polished. 
    all items are printed with my initials ,the month and year in which i made them.
    the tray you may find at palaisXIII.
   ( photos dw)

Saturday, August 28


grey shades.
it happens that  beautiful plates like these should remain empty.
my stoneware spoon is moulded by an old family piece,
photos by dietlind wolf

Tuesday, June 29

mieka and the ant

photos with curtesy from sonja tobias

Sunday, June 6

Sunday, February 7

props for the 
sugar decoration at osch├Ątzchen
cupcakewraps you will find  at torten-kram,violas,feludaras,vestlihouse
amazing handpainted papers  from birgit morgenstern